Cherish the Craft

We are dedicated to bringing you hand-crafted luxury eyewear handmade in Italy by OPR artisans and priced right.

To make this possible, our designs are made "in house", we source 100% of our acetate in Italy, we work closely with our five artisans at every production stage and ship to you.

We say no to highly marked-up, poor quality alternatives, often mass produced.

There is eyewear.
Then, there is OPR Eyewear. 

Cherish the Beauty

We create evergreen designs you can enjoy for years to come.

By producing in limited batches, you know you are wearing something truly unique.

We believe in diversity and inclusivity, this is why we design eyewear for people as unique as you are.

Cherish the Passion

We take pride in every part of our eyewear crafting process – just like how it was done from the beginning.

We control every step of the production journey down to the last detail, it allows us to pass on the value to you, our customer.

That’s consistently fine quality eyewear.

Every Time.

Truly Sustainable

We work with and invest in humans for a sustainable future. From the raw materials we source and use to produce unique eyewear down to the packaging we wrap our products in, we have the environment and you in mind.

Cherish the Love

An enduring immigrant love story, fueled by a passion for craftsmanship and an entrepreneurial spirit. This is the story of how OPR came to be.

It was love at first sight for the Nestors.

Idriss, born in Paris, met Federica while vacationing in Italy. Their admiration of fashion, beautiful craftsmanship and eyewear blossomed into a blissful relationship and loving family.  

And soon, a deep desire emerged to bring the knowledge & expertise of Italian master artisans to the world.

OPR Eyewear was born.

"Omnia Praeclara Rara"

OPR is short for the Latin phrase "Omnia Praeclara Rara“ which translates to “All Excellent Things Are Rare” coined by illustrated Roman philosopher Marco Tullio Cicerone.

Cicerone's sage ideology reflects OPR's devotion to crafting the finest quality artisanal products that people truly cherish.