You can pay for eyeglasses with your HSA. This type of plan allows you to put money away every month to buy new glasses. It is best to have a debit card that you use to purchase your frames. You can use this card to purchase your frames in-store or online.

Use Your HSA/FSA Before The Year Is Over!

However, you will have to pay up-front costs and submit receipts to your health insurance provider. Some plans require you to show proof of purchase or provide a statement.

The only exception to the HSA eyeglasses policy is for those that require prescriptions. These glasses should be prescribed by an eye doctor to improve your vision. Most FSA plans cover most standard prescriptions, though some providers don't cover blue light filters.

Be sure to check with your plan administrator for details. You can also choose to get bifocal lenses, which combine distance and reading corrections into one lens.

Choosing your frame is an important part of choosing your glasses. The most comfortable pair of glasses will be the one that fits your face the best. A fashionable pair of eyeglasses will look great with a trendy pair of sunglasses.

Shop Eyeglasses With Your HSA

When you shop with your HSA, you can purchase a new pair of frames that have your favorite style. You can also get trendy with your look by modifying your prescription sunglasses or reading glasses.

Both the HSA and FSA can be used for prescription eyeglasses. Both accounts allow you to put money in your account to buy prescription eyeglasses and contacts. Both plans will reimburse you for your vision exams, but only if you need to buy them within a year.

Your HSA account will be able to cover the cost of your eyeglasses and sunglasses. While your HSA account funds cannot be rolled over to the next year, you can use them for other medically related items.

Prescription eyeglasses are eligible for reimbursement through the FSA and HSA. The FSA will cover the cost of prescription eyeglasses while the HSA will pay for your prescription. The FSA is a great way to get more glasses at the right price for you. But you should choose your style of frame that suits your face the most. It will make your look more stylish. The frames that you choose should fit your needs and appearance.