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A Comprehensive Eye Exam is the only effective way to rule out any eye or vision issues and sometimes prevent underlying diseases.

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Most eye and vision issues present zero to minimal symptoms. Aging, working for a prolonged time in front of a digital screen can fatigue your eyes and impact your eye health.

Taking supplements or eating foods rich in vitamins can help to maintain your vision at its best. However, the best way to address problems is prevention.

Periodic eye and vision exams are a must to address problems early on. Most common eye problems include blurred vision, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, crossed eyes (strabismus), lazy eyes (amblyopia), nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and more.

Each time you get a diagnosis, you’re a step closer to prevent these issues and vision loss.

What does an eye exam include?

An eye exam checks vision and eye health through various tests, ensuring a thorough evaluation for adults.

  • Patient’s personal or family health history to get the full anamnesis of ocular disease
  • Visual acuity testing with reading charts at a distance and near
  • Preliminary tests to define the response of the pupils to light, color vision, side vision, and depth perception
  • Evaluation of refractive status to determine the focusing power of eyes (this procedure helps to determine astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness)
  • Eye teaming, eye focusing, and eye movement tests to check out if both eyes work together well
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Comprehensive Eye Exams

An eye exam checks vision and eye health through various tests, ensuring a thorough evaluation for adults.

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Our Advantages

Meet Dr. Sarah Phen, our expert optometrist from Boston's New England College of Optometry. She offers comprehensive eye exams for all ages at EuroOptica. Choose us for:

  • Assurance of superior customer service experience;
  • Qualified modern approaches to eye treatment;
  • Comprehensive eye exam utilizing state of the art equipment;
  • Ultra-precise tools to craft new lenses of excellent quality and fit;
  • Complimentary consultations from a professional eyewear stylist;
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee.
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At OPR Eyewear, we don’t just perform refraction or visual acuity. We do a lot more. Our comprehensive eye exam include: Refraction, Eye Pressure, Glaucoma, Peripheral Vision, Color Vision, Depth Perception, Dilation (if needed), Fitting of frames, Contact lenses fitting and any additional tests as needed.

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On average, adults should get tested every 2 years for vision and yearly for contact lenses, while the elderly should test annually to ensure healthy eyes and clear vision.

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Crucial for both kids and adults for general health. Regular exams ensure optimal vision and early issue.


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We work with and invest in humans for a more sustainable future. From the materials we use to produce exquisite eyewear down to the packaging we wrap our products in, we create with you in mind.


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Every pair is handcrafted in Italy by our Master Artisans from five different regions, each with his own style and signature.


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Our plant-based cellulose acetate is made of natural cotton and wooden fibers. It's non toxic therefore hypoahypoallergenic while also biodegradable.


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Every pair is crafted in small batches. We only craft what is needed and create accessories with the productions leftovers.

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