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Havana Scuro
The Salvatore Sun
The Salvatore Sun

The Salvatore Sun



100% Hand-Made to Last

Each pair is hand-crafted from sustainable, biodegradable and non toxic materials by our artisans.

Sustainable Materials

We only use the finest quality raw materials. Our plant-based cellulose acetate is made of natural cotton and wooden fibers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our packaging is reduced, recycled and reusable. It is produced with the good of the environment in mind.

Renewable Energy

In some of our local workshops in Italy, we use solar panels for sustainable renewable energy and minimal emissions.

Minimal Waste

Our crafting process is especially sustainable since every pair is crafted by hand using only the material it needs, in small batches.

Water Conservation

To reduce water wastage our workshops measure and monitor water usage and use recycled water for their craft.

Sustainable by Design

We are dedicated to producing the finest hand-crafted artisanal eyewear using methods and materials that greatly reduce our environmental impact.

Style, Quality, Authenticity.

We aim to be a socially fair and ecologically responsible business on a mission to find a better way. We're transparent, authentic and walk the walk when it comes to crafting truly sustainable eyewear.