OPR is dedicated to producing the finest hand-crafted artisanal eyewear using methods and materials that greatly reduce our environmental impact.

Our focus is on protecting our planet at every stage of our production process, whether it’s using solar energy to power our artisan’s workshops, safeguarding water supplies or carefully managing our materials to avoid waste.

We're devoted to living up to our green responsibilities and we apply these noble objectives to everything we do.

Our Commitment

  • 100% Handmade - To Last

    Every pair is handcrafted in Italy by our Master Artisans from five different regions, each with his own style and signature.

  • Sustainable Materials

    Our plant-based cellulose acetate is made of natural cotton and wooden fibers. It's non toxic therefore hypoahypoallergenic while also biodegradable.

  • Minimal Waste

    Every pair is crafted in small batches. We only craft what is needed and create accessories with the productions leftovers.

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

    We reduced our packaging to the minimum, using recycled materials and making it reusable. Produced with the good of the environment in mind.

  • Green Energy

    At some of our workshoworkshops in Italy, we use solar panels for renewable energy and minimal emissions.

  • Water Conservation

    To reduce water wastage, we measure and monitor water usage and use recycled whenever possible.

Sustainable Packaging

 Our eco-elastane protective case is made from a recycled material derived from fishing nets recovered by the sea and end-of-life fabrics. The interior is made from 100% recycled PET plastic material. 

Reduced & Recycled Packaging

To reduce packaging, we created an innovative customized mailer box that protects your new eyewear without unnecessary wastage.


100% Natural Cotton Pouch

Only the smoothest cotton. We use 100% natural cotton for our reusable pouch. They are handmade in India by developing communities.

Recyclable Card

Our "Thank You Cards" are printed on 100% recycled and certified FSC, Ecologo, Chlorine Free, Bio Gas Energy and Ancient Forest Friendly paper, using eco-friendly soy and vegetable-based inks. 

Our "Holiday Cards" are handmade using flower seeds and can be used as an ornament and then planted. They are entirely tree free and truly sustainable. 

Reduced Environmental Footprint

We are part of the CarbonClick climate action movement, taking extra steps to reduce the environmental impact of our e-commerce and production pratices.