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When was OPR created?

We started OPR Eyewear in 2021. We designed our first collection, travelled throughout Italy with our toddler for three months to find our artisans and start collaborating.

Where are OPR glasses made?

We make all of our eyewear in five different regions of Italy. We work with artisans who are too small for the industry but big enough for OPR, allowing us to produce in limited and sustainable batches.

What are OPR glasses made of?

All our glasses are made of Italian acetate from Mazucchelli or Laes or Japanese titanium or a combination of both. All 100% handcrafted in Italy by our Master Artisans.

What makes our eyewear unique?

All OPR collections are designed - in house - and produced sustainably by master artisans from five different regions in Italy, each with its own style and signature. They are 100% produced in Italy which is not an industry standard (only 20% of the production needs to happen in Italy to be declared a made in Italy). We only produce few pieces per color, once they sell out, we do not make them again. We believe excellent and unique eyewear should be "priced right"

Do you make any customization?

Yes, many customization are possible:
- added nose pads (titanuim, metal)
- designing glasses from scratch from your idea
- some of our eyewear can be customized to your liking (acetate color, engraving, dimensions)
- custom made lenses tints (with or without prescriptions

Do you offer eye exams?

We offer comprehensive eye exams in our store location (NYC) from 2-7PM. Days could vary, kindly reach out to us at 917-826-7475 to book your appointment.

Do you offer prescription lenses?

Yes, we order lenses specifically for you and edge them in our own lab, we do not send them out, alowing for proper quality control.

What lenses brand do you use?

We believe that, overall, Shamir and Zeiss lenses are some of the best lenses in the industry. Unless you specifically requests to use another lenses brand, we use Shamir and Zeiss.

Do I need to purchase prescription lenses with my glasses?

No, you can purchase the frame only.

Do you sell contact lenses?

Yes we do in our store location (NYC). Please reach out to us at 917-826-7475 for questions you might have about contact lenses.

My glasses are not OPR, can I only purchase the lenses?

Certainly, we can edge and mount any type of lenses to your existing frames even if they are not OPR.

Do you make any repairs?

We do repairs in our store location (NYC). Most repairs are generally free of charge.

Do you accept vision insurance?

We are in network with UnitedHealthcare, Spectera and UFT vision plans at the moment. If your carrier is different, we can look up your benefits and help you claim accordingly.

How do I claim my vision benefits?

In case we are not in your provider's network, you will need to claim your benefits as follows:

1) we will email you an itemized receipt
2) visit your carrier website and follow their instructions on how to claim. Most accept to submit claims online or mail.
3) you are typically reimbursed within 2-3 weeks from submitting your claim.

Can I use my FSA or HSA?

You can use your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) dollars for OPR prescription glasses (including blue-light-filtering, transition and progressives lenses) as well as prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, readers, and eye exams. Simply use your card to pay at checkout. If you encounter any difficulty, please reach out to us at: 917-826-7475 (Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM) so we can assist.