Tinted Lenses

Many people choose colored lenses strictly for style purposes, but colorful lenses provide many benefits that go beyond making a fashion statement. Depending on the tint of the lenses, glasses can boost your sports performance, reduce eye fatigue, improve your depth perception, and more. 
So whether you need a pair of glasses for everyday wear or a pair that will help you perform better at your tasks and hobbies, we offer a wide range of lens tints that can enhance your vision and support your lifestyle. Let’s take a deeper look at each lens color we offer, and how each tint can benefit your vision.

Blue light-blocking

All our lenses come with blue-light protection to filter both natural and artificial blue light from reaching your eyes, while these can be had with or without prescription. Artificial blue light is emitted from electronic screens and can - in certain instances - cause eye strain after prolonged exposure, and even make it hard for you to fall asleep when you’re exposed to it after sundown. This is because your brain associates blue light with daytime (since the sun is a natural source of blue light), and the blue light on your phone or computer screen mimics this blue light and can trigger your body to be energized and alert. This is why blue-light-blocking lenses are extremely beneficial for people who use computers and smartphones a lot, whether for work or for play. 


Blue-tinted lenses are extremely calming to your eyes and improve your perception of the color and contours of an object. Glasses with a blue tint reduce glare, which makes them another wonderful option for winter sports, or other outdoor activities such as golfing. 


Brown tinted glasses can improve your depth perception, as well as enhance your vision in low-light conditions. If you commute or drive a lot, brown-tinted glasses might be a great option for you because the tint enhances the color red. Amber tinted glasses are also a favorite among hunters, golfers, baseball players, and other outdoor sports participants since the amber tint enhances vision in overcast and cloudy weather. This tint also filters out some blue light and keeps it from reaching your eyes. 


Green-tinted lenses can reduce glare and brighten shadows. This tint is great in sunny and low-light conditions, making it a wonderful choice for outdoor sports like cycling, tennis, golf, and more. If you’re looking for a pair of glasses for everyday use, green-tinted lenses are a great choice as well since they reduce brightness without lessening your color perception. 

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