Collection: Jumper Maybach x OPR

The Expression of Art and Love.

OPR and Jumper Maybach came together to create a limited-edition eyewear collection, driven by a common mission to end hate, bullying and intolerance in the world through art and fashion. Every single pair is “infused” with Jumper Maybach art “Quantum Dream” creating unique pieces in three different color combinations that make art wearable.

Your Questions Answered

Do you offer prescription lenses?

Yes, you can have any type of prescription lenses fitted in your glasses. We order lenses customized for your prescription and cut them in our own on site lab for perfect quality control and faster turn around time. Need an eye exam? Book here

Do I need to purchase prescription lenses with my glasses?

You can choose to purchase the frame only or to add reading, prescription single vision or progressive lenses. Also, you can buy the frame with no prescription but add blue light blocking lenses. Need an eye exam? Book here

What lenses brand do you use?

We believe that, overall, Shamir, Zeiss and Essilor lenses are some of the best lenses in the industry (for single vision and progressive lenses). Unless you specifically requests to use another lenses brand, we will use these brands.

My glasses are not OPR, can I only purchase the lenses?

Certainly, we can cut and fit any type of lenses to your existing frames even if they are not OPR. We simply need your prescription. Need an eye exam? Book here

Do you accept vision insurance?

We are in network with Eyemed, UnitedHealthcare, Spectera and UFT vision. If your carrier is VSP or different, you can still use your benefits! We can help you claim so you don't have to. Call us at (917)-826-7475 or email us at and we will assist.